Thermal Insulation Coatings and Sound Control Solutions

Mascoat is the global leader in thermal insulating coatings and sound control solutions. Our coatings are uniquely engineered and manufactured in-house to fulfill market-specific needs, enhance energy retention, eliminate CUI and protect personnel.

1. Mascoat Industrial-DTI

Mascoat Industrial is a line of coatings that can be applied on many different pieces of equipment and machinery in any number of environments and facilities. These coatings are designed to thermally insulate, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), provide energy savings and protect personnel from burns and heat-related injuries.

Mascoat Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating works not only to reduce temperatures but also provides energy savings, thermal insulation and personnel protection all in an easy spray-on application. Since the product is applied in 20 mil (0.50 mm) coats directly to the substrate or primer, it provides excellent protection against surface corrosion and corrosion under insulation (CUI). Mascoat Industrial-DTI can prevent CUI in your facility.

Mascoat Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating employs only the best materials and has been specifically engineered in our own formulation lab for thermal insulating performance and long-lasting durability. Our coatings are capable of sustained working loads of 190℃.

2. Marine Thermal Barrier Coating

Mascoat Marine-DTM is a composite ceramic coating that is exclusively designed for thermal and anti-condensation protection for the harsh marine environment.

Mascoat Marine-DTM coating is a water-based, one-part coating comprised of air-filled ceramic beads held in suspension by an acrylic binder. It applies like paint and is maintenance-free, providing a thermal barrier and anti-condensation capabilities for shipboard construction.

Currently, Mascoat Marine-DTM anti-sweat coating is in use on thousands of marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica, from yachts to workboats. This coating can replace most blanket and foam insulation products, resulting in substantial reduction of weight and keeping the vessel within the new stringent marine codes and classifications.

3. Mascoat Sound Control-dB

At Mascoat, we put your crew’s safety and comfort first. All equipment causes vibrations (noise) that transmit throughout a vessel or housing. This noise is not only dangerous to personnel, but can also cause crews to become less productive because of discomfort. Mascoat Sound Control-dB is specifically designed to dampen noise caused by structural translation. This acoustic dampening allowing vessel owners to offer a safe and comfortable working environment.

Mascoat Sound Control-dB is easily applied with a sprayer—even in hard to reach places. In addition, the coating cures quickly and can be applied while equipment is functioning, so there’s no lost production time or wasted manpower. Mascoat’s engineered products protect workers from heat and chemical exposure while reducing vibration and noise in a variety of industrial and marine situations.

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