Rough Road without Eco-friendly polymer

FortecGuard™ 188

Road Access Dust Control

FortecGuard™ 188 is a specially formulated liquid Eco-friendly polymer to stabilize the access road for construction, mining, and plantation access road.

Reduce water required for continuous dust suppression and extend the dust suppressing effects longer than water alone.

Commonly used by:

Unsealed Roads :

Suppresses dust on unsealed roads - plus provides benefits in terms of rideability and reduced maintenance costs over time.

Cleared Sites :

Mitigates the impact of dust on worker safety and condition of equipment and machinery.

Environmental Management :

Mitigate the impact of dust on surrounding environment and on communities.

FortecGuard™ 188 Road Access Dust Suppression

FortecGuard™ Road Access Dust Suppression is 100% environmentally safe, causing zero harm to machinery.

FortecGuard™ 188 designed specifically to provide safer access conditions of the un-tarred road. FortecGuard™ 188 can be applied using existing site water trucks. By spraying eco-friendly polymer onto road surfaces, it helps to creates a hard and stable surface resistant to heavy traffic wear, wind erosion, and rainfall impact.


  • Improves health and safety on site - provides better visibility and reduced dust related respiratory risks
  • Environmental protection - a non-toxic and low carbon footprint material that help to reduce the damage caused by fugitive dust
  • Immediate cost benefits compared to continually watering
  • Long term cost benefits from reduced windborne material loss, equipment, and machinery breakdown
  • Robust product characteristics allow it to be applied to mining, construction, and plantation unsealed road

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