FortecGuard™ 198

Environmental Protection Through Demobilising Fugitive Dust

A proven solution of dust mitigation strategy that meet the challenges of your project or business operation.

  • Eliminates dust liftoff with a single application compare to continually watering
  • Easy application through existing water truck or spraying system
  • Long term cost benefits over windborne material loss
  • Improved safety and health on site with better visibility and dust related respiratory risks
  • Mitigates the impact of fugitive dust on surrounding environment and communities

FortecGuard™ 198 demobilize dust fugitive and yet is an environmentally safe material, and zero harm to machinery.

FortecGuard™ 198 dust suppression is a Eco-friendly polymer that encapsulate particles, and reduces their likelihood of becoming dust and making the haul roads more compacted with less loose dust expose to the surrounding environment.

Exposed Ground Membrane For Dust Control

FortecGuard™ 198 dust suppression is a Eco-friendly polymer for watering trucks used to reduce water required for continuous dust suppression by at least 50% and extend the dust suppressing effect by creating a membrane layer which is resistant to heavy traffic wear, wind erosion, and rainfall impact.


  • Improvement of air-quality
  • Increase visibility
  • Reduce continuing watering
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Lower tracks maintenance costs
  • No hazard labelling
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy mix and application
  • Reduce dust related respiratory risks

Low Concentration

FortecGuard™ 198 dust suppression uses water truck and water cannon sprayed onto all forms of exposed stockpiles, ground, sand, minerals and tailings to create a flexible membrane layer which covered up all finest particles to aid dust suppression.
The use of FortecGuard™ 198 dust suppression through water truck for haul road dust suppression. Can effectively decrease both the amount of water and application frequency required for wetting the surface for dust suppression.

Forms of Exposure that are suitable

  • Roads and access tracks
  • Stockpiles
  • Large open cleared sites
  • Construction sites

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