It is made by compounding Silica aerogel and fiberglass as the base. It has excellent insulation property, surface hydrophobicity and flame retardant property. Its hydrophobic rate can reach 99% under normal temperature. It also has excellent flame retardant performance. Different type of aerogels work for different type of working temperature ranging from -40℃-650℃ depending on application and industry needs. In addition, it is easy to cut and install at construction site.

Fortitude supply Aerogels for application below.

  • Optimized for high temperature hydrocarbon & chemical processing, steam pipes, vessels and equipment, gas and steam turbines, removeable blankets.
  • CUI defense, medium to high temperature processes, pipes, vessels and equipment, District Energy steam networks, Aerospace and defense systems.
  • Passive pool fire and passive jet fire protection for industrial and commercial applications, relief system sizing (API 521).
  • Sub-ambient and cryogenic pipelines, vessels and equipment, gas liquefaction & re- gasification facilities.

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Insulative Paint

Insulative Paint is a technology where a broad spectrum thermally reflective coating is applied to a specific type of micro-spheres to block heat radiation in a much larger or broader range of thermal energy (heat) to dissipate heat rapidly. This type of coated thermally reflective material (coated micro-sphere) reduces heat transfer through the coating with 90% of solar infrared radiation (IR) and 85% of ultraviolet radiation being radiated back from the coated surface insulating" paint works bi-directionally (reflects heat coming from either direction toward the painted surface).

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Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Coating

HEAT-FLEX HI-TEMP 1200 is the next generation single-component inert multipolymeric matrix (IMM) coating that outperforms alternatives in combating corrosion under insulation (CUI).

  • Comform to definition as per NACE SP0198-CS5, & SS6 standard.
  • Achieved highest possible rating under ASTM D174, and D610.
  • Resists corrosion under insulation
  • Resists stress corrosion cracking
  • Application surface temperatures from ambient to 260℃
  • Operating surface temperatures cryogenic to 650℃
  • Self-priming, single component
  • No maximum recoat time

Over Insulation Protection (Non Metallic Cladding)

One of the root cause of Corrosion Under Insulation is Metal Cladding failure. Fortitude supply Over Insulation Protection, a reinforced polymer composites, which is stronger, tougher and more durable than Metallic Cladding. It is used in oil and gas, marine, pharmaceutical, chemical and water treatment industies to protect different kind of insulations like Armacell, Aluminium Silicate, Aerogel, Rockwool, PU and PIR. for. We can fabricate and mould different shapes of Claddings to suit customers' requirements.

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Glow in the dark (Photoluminence) and Day Glow (Fluorescence) materials

Fortitude supply high performance glow materials using advance material, Strontium Oxide with Epoxy Vinyl Ester. The product comes in:

  • Liquid brush applied topcoats (UV curing)
  • Reinforced Sheet Laminates (UV curing)
  • Mouldings and Castings
  • Structural boards and laminates
  • PVC self adhesive Glow Tapes (Can be CNC cut to form letters)

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